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Business Plan Development

It's not enough to have a clear understanding of your business in your gut. Success means being able to articulate it clearly to investors, partners, employees, customers, and more--in a format that speaks to them.

If the investor finds any holes in your story, they simply back away and move to the next opportunity. They've been burned by companies like yours before, and it hurts. They'll work hard to pick your story apart, and they are good at it.

The same is true for your other audiences. Defining your business well means that your company can focus its limited resources in an extremely effective manner. It means that your employees can make the right decisions without the need for your presence in every decision. It means that the business you win will be business that is hard for the competition to take away from you.

To solve these problems, we offer the following Strategic Advisory Services:

Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition

Defining your unique selling proposition is a multi-dimensional problem. You need to understand what is truly unique about your technology, and how this maps to the highest value proposition for your prospects. You need to understand all the potential markets for your product. You need to understand your strategies for reaching those potential customers. And, you need to take into consideration what your competitors are doing. Then you need to articulate that value proposition for the channels you use so that it becomes part of the top three priorities of the end customers that pay for the product - so they will write a check to pay for your product or service, now, rather than later.

Hilliard applies his experience building market leading products to help you sort through this maze of issues to come up with a solution that can win in the market.

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Business Plan Writing

To be successful raising money, you must tell the investor a compelling story that describes what you'll do, how you'll do it, who you are, and why you are singularly qualified for the task. You must show understanding of the technical, marketing, and business risks you face, and how you'll over come them. Also, you must present an attractive financial offering. Putting a compelling plan and presentation together takes experience, and it takes a lot of work.

In addition, expressing the core technological strengths of your company is essential to getting funded. Investors demand that you tell them how you are going to capitalize on your unique technological strengths. Your ability to define this clearly is often the difference between getting funded and going out of business.

Bill Hilliard has grown 4 companies and/or corporate divisions to market leading positions and profitability. He has been an Investor and/or fund raiser for 6 new ventures all of which required compelling business plan presentations to get funded. Ask for references of the work he's done for others to learn what he can do for you.

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