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Sales and Business Development

Never make a cold call. Hilliard leverages his rolodex to provide direct access to key senior executives at hundreds of companies. This access will provide your business with a strategic edge over your competition and will insure that you get to operating profitability in the shortest possible time. In addition, Hilliard brings a wealth of experience in the deal making process. He knows how to find the type of deal that works for all parties involved.

You want to close business now. Hilliard will help you identify potential customers in real time. He will begin actively calling on decision-making executives in his rolodex within days of our agreeing to work together. As we begin the dialogue with the initial customers, Hilliard will actively bring that feedback to you so we can begin to refine and improve the plan.

Identifying Your Potential Customers

From the very first moment we begin to learn about your business, we will begin taking notes on potential customers and business partners for your business. This will become a continuous brainstorming process throughout our working relationship. We use this brainstorming process to insure that we keep a fresh target list of companies to pursue on your behalf. We can then systematically attack that target list to keep a high activity level. New prospects, new deals in negotiation, and newly closed deals proceeding to implementation.

In addition, while Hilliard's rolodex is deep and rich, it's not just about his personal rolodex. We have lots of affiliate relationships with other industry veterans, private equity investors, and advisors that have their own network of contacts. Hilliard uses this network aggressively to insure that he can get a warm introduction wherever we go on your behalf. If we can complete our engagement without ever making a cold call, then everyone benefits.

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Finding Potential Investors

Hilliard's track record includes fund-raising for 3 personal business, a venture partner role at both east and west coast venture funds, a limited partner role at 3 additional private equity funds, and many advisory assignments for companies like yours.

Ask his references. They will tell you that he digs in to understand your business, he helps you articulate your investment opportunity, and he advises you on how to structure your deal.

Hilliard works with you to identify the right funding sources for your business. He opens doors.

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Closing Deals

Feet on the street. Closing deals. Making the business happen and driving the bottom line. This is what you want. The strategic vision is a great thing. But it means nothing if the deals don't close. From the very beginning of every engagement, Hilliard leverages his rolodex to make deals happen. This is not flipping a business card across the table and wishing you good luck. Working together with your team, we take the responsibility for driving the deal to a close. This allows us to truly leverage the relationship we have with our contacts to bring you revenue in fastest.

And we have closed hundreds of deals, with industrial, telecomunications, hardware, and software companies including: Acer, Akamai, ATI, Cable and Wireless, Creative Labs, Daewoo, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Matrox, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, NEC, Philips, Reuters, Samsung, State of Pennsylvania, Viewsonic and many, many more. We have the experience to help design the right deal - a deal that will become the first step in a long term relationship for your company.

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Market Verticals

Having the right relationships is the key to getting deals closed fast. Through Sonn-Hill Consulting, Hilliard works with a team of experienced professionals that treat their relationships as a core strategic asset. Hilliard's associates cover many different vertical market segments. These include:

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Internet Technology
  • Media and Entertainment Companies
  • Retailers
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Software Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Telecommunications Companies

We have strong coverage in other verticals as well. Contact us, and we will be glad to provide you with an up to date list of companies where we have executive level relationships in the market segment(s) you need to target.

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