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Director, Advisor, Interim Management Role

Some businesses find that they have very nearly the complete package. They have the technology. They understand the value proposition. They know how they plan to get to market. Some of these businesses find themselves short a key management team member, board member, or advisory board member. To meet these needs, we offer you the following services:

Board or Advisory Board Membership

Outside board members help companies with introductions, industry specific experience, and act as a management sounding board. As an experienced industry executive, Hilliard has the experience and vision to help you avoid some of the key mistakes made by many businesses. He will also be available for second opinions or input whenever you need it.

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Fill Out Your Management Team

Hilliard has filled a number of different roles in companies, including CEO, VP Business Development, VP Sales, VP of Product Management and VP of Marketing. We have filled these roles on both a full time and a part time basis.

In these roles, we become an active member of the management team of your company. This gives you the bandwidth and lead time to find the right person to permanently join your team. This includes daily involvement in growing the business. We do this on an advisory basis, and will actively drive the growth of your company in tight partnership with your existing management team. If you need one of these holes filled, contact us and we will be glad to help fill the gaps in your current team.

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